Monday, April 16, 2012

Crop Chocolate - Focus Group April Challenge

This month's challenge for the Focus Group, was to "Create a project using a technique/project that one of the DT girls have taught. 50% CC product required!"

So after scrolling through months of design team blog posts, I decided to try DeeDee's Never-Ending Card. You can see her original blog post here.

Here is what I made.

So if you have never seen and/or made a never-ending card, you may be wondering  why there are so many different pictures. The great thing about this card, and what makes it 'never-ending,' is that you flip/fold it around to see all these great sides and different combos of different sides. It's really fun to play with and really easy to make! So easy in fact, that my 8 year old made on too after she saw mine. I would post a pic of hers, but she already gave it to Nana :)

So if you are intrigued, go check out DeeDee's tutorial here!

EP- Wintertime cardstock
My Mind's Eye - 6x6 Lost & Found "Portobella Road"

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  1. that's kinda neat. I've always had a hard time wrapping my head around those.


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