Monday, December 31, 2012

My top 10 of 2012!

So a few of us at, who have blogs have decided it would be fun to post a top 10 list of our favorite projects from 2012. I think some of the ladies did this last year too! I decided it would be fun to join in this year. But it was hard to pick only 10! So I decided to do my top 12 of 2012! It has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?!

I had such an amazing crafty year, trying new things and really pushing myself! So here are my 12 favorites. I think....

(and in no particular order...)

I just love how these cards turned out! So simple and cute!

This was a super exciting project for me! I had been asked to be a guest designer for the Crop Chocolate design team (way back in February). It was my first time doing anything like that and really gave me the confidence to try out for the design team. And the telescoping Valentine card turned out pretty cute!

This card was a lot of fun. I inked the background and then cut it out and stamped on it. So pretty! And I was so happy to find a project to use that cute fairy stamp on.

Now this project isn't one of my favorites, but the process of making it sure is! Iain loved painting this and still wants to paint all the time!

I'm still in love with this LO I did, even though it has pictures of me all over it!

Love this LO! My girls and their cousin had gone to ride the Christmas train with their grandparents who snapped this super cute shot of the 3 of them. I think this LO really captures the very girliness of these girls and the fun they have together!

This card turned out so beautifully! I really should give that water stamping effect another go. So soft and pretty. I kinda wish I had kept this for myself....

This layout is so simple, yet I just love the feel of it. Maybe it's the repeating pictures or the pretty colours. I don't know, but top 10 for sure!

Love the colours of this layout! The black, red, gold and white really work well together!

I'm still really loving this layout from the other week! I didn't really love the sketch  but I sure love how it turned out!

Another special moment project. So many things about this are special. The clipboard base is one I have had from CTMH for a few years. I had been saving it for just the right project. That picture on it? That is super special. It could be a Norman Rockwell painting, everyone is posed just so perfectly yet it happened all on it's own. The screaming toddler reaching for big sis who is lovingly comforting him. Santa with his eyes closed and pained expression on his face. And the middle child, oblivious to it all and smiling pretty for the camera. Love it! The other reason this project is special is because I made it as a submission to try out for the Doodlebug Design team. Now clearly I did not make it, but it's all about the experience and pushing yourself! Right???

This canvas.... So soft and pretty! I really had a lot of fun and really worked outside my comfort zone with this one! The canvas, the paint, the spray, all the different textures from the flowers and wood pieces and brads and butterflies..... Love it!

Thanks for checking out my faves from 2012! I'd love to know what you think! Agree, disagree???


  1. I all these projects of yours! I think my fav is still the DoodleBug clipboard...that picture of I is hilarious!

  2. Really great projects, Nina. I love the Doodlebug one and the last one the most!

  3. these are all SO awesome, Nina!! I really love the layout about you, and the set of cards, Great work girlie!

  4. These are ALL fabtastic!!! You know I love the LO of you...I also love the sleeping Iain LO and the canvas and the cards, oh heck I really do love them all!!

  5. I agree, these are really super projects!! I love them all, but the fairy and the last one are my favorites.

  6. fantastic projects!I love the blue Iain layout the best it is simply perfection!

  7. Fantastic projects! I love the Iain painting the best....well, just because he is SO cute!

  8. I love love love the colors on the LO of your son sleeping. So beautiful.

  9. Each one is special in its own way. Thanks for sharing. My favorite is the Santa picture/clipboard. Happy New Year.


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